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Brothers & Sisters

Today we take a moment out of our busy lives to remember the fathers. Some fathers throughout history are alive, the vast majority are not. My own dear father moved from this realm at a very young age. I have celebrated his life and his gifts to me and our family many times. Wherever his spirit may be at this time, I am secure in the fact that he, indeed, without question, earned his eternal peace during a lifetime of suffering and charity.

On this morning I am letting him rest, while I concentrate on the joy that fatherhood has brought to my life and how it is the greatest blessing a man might be fortunate enough to accept in life.

I have one spawn, Jackleen Diana Eve, preparing to celebrate her 25th birthday on July 2.
I watched her come into the world, not naturally, but surgically, she was glowing as the nurse held her up and then carried her to the other side of the room.
She has never stopped glowing in my eyes..
Throughout our lives together, I made sure that she never got hurt, that she was as happy as she could be, that her life was an adventure filled with mystery and possibility. During this time, we both grew, and got smart.
I have never raised my voice to her, never even thought of hitting or spanking, she has never once done anything to cause me pain.
I have told her countless times that if I could have had a catalog of all the babies to choose from, I would have picked her out of all of them.
I made sure that she was physically active and well educated, that she matured with a true knowledge and appreciation of art, history, culture, philosophy, and world religions.
I did this free of charge, without asking for, or requiring or expecting anything in return.
The truth is, what I have received in return is the greatest gift a man could ever receive.

Jackleen is living on the west coast now. She is a working keyboard musician, poet, and in my opinion, a living saint.

If I could make one selfish wish, it would be that I may enjoy 25 more years of life with her.



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The Descent


2016-05-06 266.jpgOn 07 May 2016, I celebrated my birthday at 36,000 feet above the ground.  I was returning, with Sheila, from a week long stay in Mexico.  It was my first time to visit south of the border, it was one of the most remarkable experiences of my life.

The people we encountered were as friendly and helpful as anyone could be.  We often remark about how we are lifted up by strangers, often even more so than we are by friends and relatives.  This was the case for us during the first week of May.

We enjoyed a menu of delicious food for each meal every day, both familiar and unfamiliar tastes and recipes.  There was constant Mexican and Latin music playing with singing and dancing and smiling happy faces.

While we were there, I dislocated my left knee.  It was not something that had never happened before, in fact it happens much too frequently and it is extremely painful, as you might imagine.  This has not been a major problem for me because it always pops back into place immediately.  That was not the case this time.  It would not return to normal no matter what I did to maneuver it back into place.  

Two mornings later we were scheduled to visit the grounds of the Mayan Pyramids.  I could not imagine missing an opportunity that I had dreamed of since childhood.  I got on my crutches and set forth on the journey through the jungles to reach the site.  We visited the ball field where the Mayans played their holy football games, the sacrificial cenote water holes, and finally the great and wondrous pyramid itself.

As I stood before it, I was filled with the energy that transforms reality.  A force that disintegrates and then reintegrates all that you have carried in your world throughout your life.  I could hear the voices of the ancestors as we listened to the echoes of history resounding off of the outer surface.  I could see the kings & chiefs standing in full regalia at the top of the great and supernatural monuments.  The experience was a spiritual enigma in the sense that it was a testimonial to the fact that we are but a puff of smoke in time, while at the same time, it was proof of the infinite power of human consciousness.

While on the grounds, we were fortunate to partake in a ceremony conducted by a living Mayan priest.  While standing around a small altar adorned with a number of sacramental objects, the priest chanted in his native tongue, then brought the smoke to us and smudged each of us (about 7 in all), while praying for us individually.  At that moment my knee came back together and became strong.  Many times I have had people pray over me for healing, this was the first time that there was any immediate and measurable result.

I was then able to appear in concert with Sheila, for an hour long performance of all the songs on our CD titled Everybody Has A Purpose, unplugged, on the main stage of the hotel, with the sunset and the ocean as the backdrop.  Magic is real.

This has been a very powerful week as I look back.  After our return, we celebrated Mothers Day, my father’s birthday,  we appeared in concert in Ann Arbor Michigan USA, and celebrated the feast day of Our Lady Of Fatima on Friday the 13th with a full moon.

Tomorrow, (Sunday) the Church recognized the Holy Day Of Pentecost.  The descent of The Holy Spirit to give humankind the gifts of courage, perseverance, communication, understanding, and much more.

As we were descending back to Earth last week, I recalled the day of Pentecost, (the birthday of the church) and the descent of the Lord & Giver Of Life.  I reckoned that, as we go through our personal journeys it is good to touch ground occasionally to look beyond ourselves to others that may be confused and frightened.  The world is full of people struggling and suffering alone.  Therefore, let it be our obligation and our delight to offer them comfort and companionship, if only in our limited capacity, and in that effort, let us honor and increase, by our sacrifices, to paraphrase St. Augustine, that in which we are contained, and that which we are contained within. …….. …… http://www.joekiddandsheilaburke.com joe kidd wdht

– peace to you – //oo\\

Joe Kidd