Sunny and the Deity


Yesterday at the breakfast table, after Cheerios & coffee, Sheila must have noticed a far away look in my eyes.  She asked me where I was.  She was right, I had been adrift for a few moments.  My thoughts were involved in the communion with the diety.  Last week I planted a row of sunflower seeds.  These were not ordinary sunflower seeds.  They were seeds that I had taken from one of the flowers that I had grown two years ago.  I kept them in a coffee container in the garage for that time.  The flower that they were pulled from was my favorite flower at the time, I named it Sunny.  It gave me great pleasure.  I kept it clean and nourished.  It lived a good life for its season and then it shriveled and died.  I did not require it to do anything.  It did not have to pray, it did not have to ask for forgiveness, all it ever had to do was exist, within the nature that it was born to.  I had the power of life and death over Sunny.  I picked it, and planted it, and watered it, and actually petted and talked to it.  Im not sure if it understood my words, but I am certain that it understood my intent.  In the end, it offered its seed back to me as a sacrifice to keep the circle of life revolving.  I kept my covenant. 

What I was contemplating at breakfast was the similarity between my experience with the sunflower, and my experience with my diety.  It is written in the holy books that God is personally involved in our lives.  I dont visualize God as the human father figure who spends eternity answering billions of prayers.  I see myself as Sunny.  I have been granted a beautiful garden in which to live.  I have all the water, sunlight, and nourishment I need to live a great life.  In that way, I am perfectly cared for.  I have been given memory, imagination, and forethought, not as weapons, but as tools to employ and mobilize progress and growth.  In return, all I need to do is exist in my own human nature.  It is not necessary for me to sacrifice other lives, or suffer pain, or allow my heart to be filled with guilt, regret, grief, anxiety, sorrow, in order to appease my creator who created me for its pleasure, as I did with Sunny. 

So, let us now plant the seeds that are harvested from education, nourishment, protection, peace, humility, mercy, generosity, harmony, and love.  Then let our creation give us the happiness and pleasure that surrounds us in the garden that we grow in unison and communion with all living beings. 

sunny the sunflower

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