Four Room Life


There must come a time in each person’s life when they stop the world to view this realm from a distance. In a field of vision that separates us into parts while at the same time it dissolves us into one. This time of isolation is a joy for some of us. It provides the necessary opportunity for review, for assessment, for recognition of where we live. I have come the the realization that I live in a home with four pillars that support the four rooms that I inhabit. The first room is Imagination – where I go to communicate, where I go to invent the future, and to create what is not. The second room is Conscience – where I go to identify, where I go to describe, where I go to judge all that I encounter, including myself. The third room is Will – where I go to employ callings, compulsions, obsessions, desires, fulfillments, enlightenments, and the gifts of virtue. The fourth room is Memory – where I am educated, where I recall that which is both real and unreal in languages that only I might understand. In these four rooms, I have always dwelt. Like each of you I live in a world of my own creation, although I did not create myself.
What I know is that I am here. I do not know what I am or where “here” is. When I am no longer here, each of you will remember a different “Joe”, depending on what we have experienced together. The world that I inhabit will end, and the “You” that I know will no longer exist. Now, let us all now walk out onto the balcony of our universe to sing in harmony, a loud and loving vibration that will echo for eternity.human brain

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