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bloodhoundKnow this …

I have not formed my opinions nor my beliefs in terms of right and left. Rather, I have diligently stopped the world on occasions to see what I might translate and be nourished by, as right and wrong.

When I was much younger, I had a dream. I had a dream that was shared by nearly everyone I knew. It was a dream of freedom, equality, and justice for all living beings inhabiting this country and this planet. I was encouraged by the reality that I was not alone in the world, that there were courageous and wise men and women who were a little older than me, who were struggling and sacrificing to make the dream come true. In my mind, they were more than ordinary, they were heroic in the sense that they provided a vision of what I wanted to do, what I wanted to be.

I believed in my heart that it would come to pass that we would someday wake up in a world that was liberated from hatred, fear, bigotry, and prejudice. I looked forward to that day. In my mind, I saw it as reality. I was faithful to the dream, and to those who were moving it forward.

We were all aware of the danger it posed. We all felt the anger and the degradation as we walked through our communities. There was antagonistic voices inviting us to violence, there were verbal, political, and physical attacks upon our bodies and our minds. We did not cower, we did not huddle, rather we walked into the battle hand in hand utilizing our intellect, our memory, our imagination, and our will. We opened doors, we sat on floors, we stood in the rain, we were beat up and locked up but we never gave up.

Eventually, the inevitable began to happen. President Kennedy, Malcom X, Robert Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and even John Lennon.

The old tried & true boxing axiom was set loose upon an innocent and creative population, “kill the head, and the body will die” …

The body went to sleep. A self centered and corrupt President was elected. The war raged on. At some point the criminals shot themselves and were forced to resign in public humiliation. My personal hope was somewhat restored until … the day when once again the rug was pulled out from under all of us.

With horror we watched the screen to see our brothers and sisters being thrust into buildings, jumping out of windows, and being crushed and suffocated by crashing debris. It was by far, the most emotional day in the life of our country. Immediately we went to war under the proclamation of revenge and retaliation. Our nation went into perpetual lock down. We were dealt debilitating laws that revoked long standing liberties, our soldiers were sent into never ending wars that deplete us of our resources and our beloved family members. A plague of unequaled suffering just below the surface of what we are told is a “booming economy and a period of growth”. To hear the booming, simply travel to any point of battle, foreign or domestic.

Today we are faced with gun violence, drug addiction, poisoned food, out of control climate disasters, murder & mayhem among ourselves, and the wall of corporate powers that induce and create destruction for their monetary gain. Silent powers that have seized governments and religions to use them as tools to oppress and control every aspect of our lives and indeed our ultimate deaths.
It has been a disturbing realization for me, to admit that it has been my generation that has brought this catastrophic holocaust upon the earth. Therefore I have always been driven and inspired through my own talents, to avert and divert the natural, unnatural, and supernatural assault upon our common ground.

Yet, through it all, I can still hear Kennedy saying, “Ask Not”, I can still hear Lennon singing “Give Peace A Chance”, and I can still hear Dr. King as he announced “I Have A Dream”.

In this time of chaos, confusion, conflict, and criminal activity, today, as we focus on the absurdity of our elected officials, let us understand that this too, is impermanent. Let us travel in our minds to a time when we will be healed and enlightened as individuals and as a society. Knowing that in order to get there, we must control ourselves, we must be strong, mobile, unencumbered and wise. We must identify and acknowledge that which is in the way, that which is enlisting forces to overpower any resistance to its goal of domination. Let us not only see one another as siblings, but in truth treat one another as siblings, with the understanding that we do not wish harm upon one another, but rather rejoice in the success that we all are destined to share if we are humble and honest enough to accept it.

– Peace To All Of You – Joe Kidd – 12 January 2018 –


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