Gelek Rimpoche … Om Mani Padme Hum

Gelek Rimpoche … Om Mani Padme Hum

And now the day has arrived to say “safe passage” to a teacher and a friend, to one who has made an immeasurable impact on our lives and the lives of countless good people around the world. One who was a vision of history in motion. A voice of good humor. A voice of truth, love, peace, & power in the struggle to end struggle, to end suffering and the cause of suffering. A sentient being whose soul was never confined to a physical body, but rather traveled freely through the worlds of imagination and consciousness. And now, that soul is no longer attached to the physical world. It resides now in the memories of those who have been enlightened by its presence in ways that are best expressed in silence. We are different now, we are stronger now, we are more comfortable now, we are happier now, we are better now. We will carry that torch, we will carry the candles, We will raise the heads of all that we encounter who are contemplating and inhabiting the darker realms. Let us continue to visit, to be in touch, with our benefactor in gratitude and assurance of goodwill, knowing that all thought, all emotion, all speech, all activity, is one reality. … Peace be upon the spirit of dear Gelek Rimpoche … Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke … Visit Jewel Heart Buddhist Community Here …

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